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Sometimes I got nuttin to say; and I'm tawkin MONTHS.

On my tombstone, I hope they write "He was funny" (but not in a funny sort of way)

This quote made me think; saw it on twitter; tried to read his books. I found them bleak. Anyway, this quote is a good'n:
"Don't wait for the Last Judgment. It happens every day." Albert Camus "Social?"
When somebody needs to jot down my SSN, and they ask me for my 'social', it just pisses me off, right away. Or, "PIN number". Do you not know the abbreviation, friend? Nope, prolly not.

Brett and Link Video
These guys are funny: "The Spanner".

Grocery Carts and Self-respect
You have probably seen them too; grocery carts that are sitting around on the street blocks away from the grocery store. No doubt folks down on their luck who don't have cars take those convenient vehicles all the way home. I get it, I truly do; I have been down on my luck at times in my life.

Here's what I want to say about this though: BRING THEM THE FUCK BACK. Think of how good you will feel if you do the right thing, and maybe give your neighborhood's propery values a tiny nudge upwards, 'kay? Who knows, maybe there's some deal where someone gets paid to go fetch them, but still...

Predictions are often worthless but we usually forget how bogus they were. Check out this set from 2004. Pretty good performance I'd say.

I'm trying like hell to write a comedy skit. All I've got so far is one guy's name: "Fugley Mofo".

About Family Guy
My handful of readers may notice that my slogan is missing. It used to be:
  "By day, a heads-down, hardworking family man; By night, a heads-up, hard-drinking Family Guy fan"

Well, here's what I gotta say about that. My girlfried used to bug me about that show, but I thought there were some edgy jokes in there, and commentary; and they still have that stuff. However, she has pointed out to me (over the years) how often they are beating women. We have enough of that crap in the world, folks. I'm through with that show, even as I admire Sean MacF. Enough said; on with my life.

The 411 on 404
(Not really) - this site does not actually explain what that error condition means; what is DOES show is some cool page designs. (If you don't actually code a page to handle invalid or missing URL's, there is a default response, which is the case most of the time.) These are examples of funny 404 pages from various places.

What IS it with these Asians and their love of endangered species body parts for their virility? Seems like they have had NO problem in procreating, since what, over half of humans live in Asia already? Powdered rhino horn, other wacky stuff. Gimme a break.

Just found this tidbit:
In the original draft of [President Eisenhower's] speech, it was "military-industrial-congressional complex." And the "congressional" part was taken out because the president felt that he'd had excellent relations with a Democratic Congress and didn't want to get into name-calling on his way out. Susan Eisenhower Granddaughter of President Dwight D. Eishenhower

Printer Toaster, Video-playing microwave and less
I thought the writeup of the microwave was funny:
"The Castoven is a microwave with an LCD screen in the door. It automatically plays a video as long as the cooking time you specify. Because god knows you can't go two goddamned minutes without being entertained. [Castoven via CrunchGear]"

Cool Photo Manipulations
From the site: "Photo manipulation is an image editing technique that alters the original image/photo by adding certain elements into it. Photo manipulation normally requires extremely creative and unique design skills." Like most lists of this nature, some great, some OK; worth a look.

Goldman Sachs CEO says his employees "net income generated per head" is way better than average. OK, now what about the possibility that a lot of that income is pure shit?

Looking at Monty's page, and wanted to say that Kim Zimmer has a face that can stand the test of time.

Roomba Pac Man - kewl

I wonder how many US tech breakthroughs are based on reverse-engineering recovered ET tech?

Bill Clinton
I think he's still getting some trim; 'nuff said.

Der Bingle video from WW II
Most people don't remember him anymore I guess. Here he sings to a bunch of GI's and gals. Segregated of course; that's the way things were back then. Bing was a pioneer crooner, back when the microphone / radio combo was still novel. He was considered to have soul.

Thanks a lot, Assholes
I know that there was a violent flavor to the Left back in the Seventies, but the Right seems to have a monopoly on this crap nowadays. I thought I was getting mellower, but this turns my stomach and really gets me pissed off. You know that there was a military coup that some plutocrats were pushing during FDR's time, and Gen. Smedley Butler, who was desired by them to be their Pinochet front man, said no. Thank you, General!

Not a big fan of Empire State Building China tribute
I don't care about the government of China, don't think about it very much, but I think I do care that the Empire State Building used a color combination of their spotlights the other day (yellow and red) to commemorate the anniversary of the Communist takeover. Just doesn't sit well with me.

Young Woman Paralyzed after Eating Hamburger
Just another example of how life is really a crap shoot. And how 'bout using ammonia to I don't even know what as part of the processing of that ground meat? Yummy yum yum, y'all.

Sarah is still MILFy
I also find Michelle Malkin (cheerleader video) kinda cute. And Hasselbeck, most of all, the Survivor Seahawk spouse. Sorry, PC friends, just reporting from the front lines o' my mind. Not a reason to elect Sarah Ultima Lider, tho. I still vote with the big head, not the lil' one.

Passion and Excellence
These are nice things, but c'mon lets face it people, not all of us have a 'passion' about what we do to make a living. Excuuuuuuse me. Rah-rah stuff. Competence and showing up in a steady fashion---some bosses would kill to just have that!

Still waiting
... for the first accident where a texting car driver runs over an oblivious texting pedestrian. It's gonna happen, folks. Idiots.

NFL Notes
(Well, just a few). Michael Vick seems to be genuine in his new life, and like some have said, having him as a role model of rehab is a good thing. That whole subculture of 'tough' guys and dog fighting is just a fact, whether we like it or not, and showing fans of those guys a different outlook is a good thing. It's a messy world, and I would prefer to not see anyone lording it over the lower animals and mistreating them, but it happens. So let a 'convert' do his thing.

Brett Favre (remember the cameo in 'Something about Mary'?) seems to be chugging along. Lots of guys don't like him anymore, but I say keep it up. That's it from your sideline correspondent.

Like I said, not a lot of commentary, but I wanted to get that out there.

Season Opener for Family Guy
Stewie and Brian do another 'Road Movie'. What a pair they make. The Disney alternate universe was choice, but I don't really get the anti-Semite slam. I remember reading a biography of that guy when I was a kid, and there was some union-busting in his history I recall, but nothing about Jew-hating. He was no Henry Ford.

Jesse Ventura, SEALS and Cheney
Former SEAL, pro wrestler and Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura said the other night on Larry King that waterboarding was torture, and was heard to say "you give me a water board, Dick Cheney and one hour, and I'll have him confess to the Sharon Tate murders." I continue to feel this whole torture thing has been bad for the US in a lot of ways. Remember that the torturers are often themselves traumatized, and we have enough 'shell-shocked' folks walking our streets now, don't we?

Amazing Lack of Violence
The whole economist populist thing doesn't seem to make a big impact in this country. At least until recently, most people thought that they could rise to the heights of Donald Trump, so they never resented the well-off. I wonder if that has changed much. Anyway, considering the amount of resentment against the CEO's who take government money but also still take bonuses, and the number of people losing jobs, homes and self-respect, I wonder when someone will take a shot at one of these people. Surprised it has not happened yet to be honest with you.

An attack on US soil

I am just waiting until the next attack against the US (which I guess is unavoidable, since we are target Number One). Within the same day, I am sure we will hear defenders of the Republican Party blaming Obama. That's gonna be a mess, and will do nothing to help national security or the desire of so many to get past stupid diatribes and just try to get through this as a nation.

Hope over ... what?
I was not an Obama voter (not this time, but I can be persuaded). I think that a lot of people, for a lot of understandable reasons, put their hope in him. This really helped him to win, plus the sheer fact that the 'generic Democrat' would probably win this time out. I wish him well---why would I not? We are going to need all the help and work and luck we can get.

It remains to be seen how different he will be, though. I heard some interesting detail about Rezko that just didn't fit into what people wanted to believe, so it got pushed out of their mindspace, but Chicago politics is a dirty business, and he came out of that world. I'm going to be curious to see one thing: If they put out a lot of money for infrastructure, AND if a lot of that goes for public transport AND if eminent domain is used, THEN I want to see who gets the income from the enhanced value of the land along the right of way. I'm thinking, with my suspicious mind, that a bunch of real estate magnates are gonna win big, instead of that money going to government coffers. It'll trickle down from the rail lines to the big shots, and maybe some little folks will get some of that trickle. Oh well.

R.I.P. George Carlin
You and Richard Pryor, man. Thanks. Bill Cosby got me started, and you took me to the next level.

I just wanna say this: It's one thing to do whatever you have to, whatever you want to, frankly, to KSM, and prevent attacks. It's a damn shame when people languish in US prisons who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. In addition to the obvious bad guys, there are people in there for bogus reasons, because they got turned in for a bounty and such. These people deserve something like habeas corpus type rights. We don't have to get the whole US court system dragged into this, with their chain of custody and other tight constraints. We just want to give these guys their day in (some) court.

A related thought on this: Because people think we do this stuff without appropriate discretion, we take a hit because guys who might want to surrender think "better not take the chance", and opt to go out fighting. That's a shame.

It looks like the kids are actually moving past the whole racial thing that had us spellbound for so many centuries. Hey, I'm all for it. Maybe one day we can all look like Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie and Ricky Martin. How bad can that be, really?

I was buying some silver the other day; it's the kind of 'collapse of civilization' thinking that occasionally visits my noggin. The guy behind the counter made a pitch to me about buying coins and boullion (sp?) which I didn't really need, seeing as how I was already there in his buzzer-protected shop, but I let him whale (wail?) about stuff for a few. He reminded me that 'core' inflation does not include food and energy. So your compound interest doesn't really cover the spread, I guess. Pretty depressing, but I guess somehow we muddle through. It is interesting to remember that the 'Fed' is a bunch of private banks, and no, I'm not 'going there' with the whole international banker conspiracy thing.

The way I see it, J.P. Morgan bailed us out back in the day, and the main difference is now it's official that private money helps to stabilize us. But that does not mean that the little guy will ever have the same early warnings about problems in the financial markets. I mean, c'mon, these derivatives and 'instruments' are concocted by these brainiacs, and it's like a house of cards; the same kind of artificial structures crop up every couple of decades, and the law catches up, then the brainiacs concoct some more, etc. Like I said, gold and silver, but mainly pray the big guys don't fuck up big time.

Here's a relevant quote I heard the other day from Lily Tomlin: "No matter how cynical I get, I can't keep up". Amen sister.

Sop up that ozone! Let your freak flag fly (arcane reference to H__r, from a Boomer)

Awright, so I've been lazy with the web site stuff; sorrrrrrrrrrrryyyyy. Anyway, here's a cool campaign video for a guy in Oregon.

I dreamt that the word "IF" had not been invented, and all the programmers were out of work;
I dreamt that the word "EXCITED" had not been invented, and all the PR flaks and marketing executives were out of work;
I dreamt of a world where everybody was slightly coffee-colored, and it was a lot harder to hate each other (inspired by reading some Vonnegut last nite)

Yeah, I'm a dreamer. (Still politically incorrect, though---I'll prove it with later posts)

I don't know how many people have noticed that the Superbowl is being played at the University of Phoenix stadium. We're not talkin' ASU (Sun Devils) or UA (in Tucson anyway), but the online guys. They have been doing a lot of business over the years, and I guess some folks actually get some good edumication outta them. Maybe the sports writers can truly 'phone it in', and the defensive directors can 'dial back' their pass rush. (I know, people don't use dialup much anymore; I have a cold, as Monty Python would say in defense).

WTF is the deal with Giuliani's eyes? If you don't know what I'm talking about, you don't wanna find out. Freaky-deaky, bruh.

High School Drinking Buddies Bilk US Taxpayers
People ask me, since I'm in IT, why I don't trust web sites and computer systems in general with my personal info.

Put these assholes in jail, soonest!! Fuck no-bid contracts. Reform the system that gives contracts. And take a nap.

Stop yer animated gyrations, ya annoying @&$%!~%!!!!
I'm gonna:
Learn Adobe Flash
Build a little animated gal
Infest that LowerMyBills website
Have her slap the shit outta these two, and any who come to their aid

I don't know about 9/11 but I have a suspicion about JFK/RFK. Yeah, it's that anniversary again, and like a lotta people my age who experienced the JFK assassination and woke up to hear about his brother, I am scarred by those events, and the killing of MLK as well. I mean, I've moved on, and lately the info about JFK and his drug dependency and treatment of women, esp. his wife, have brought him down in my eyes. Anywho, I wanted to put my little voice out there about the killings. I don't know who actually did the killings, and maybe the killings are not related, but for Christ's sake, there was something sordid there. The military unit which usually would guard the Prez was told to stand down, the Secret Service had their behavior changed, the car slowed down when he was hit, on and on. And how about the really bad one, with Manchurian Candidate Sirhan Sirhan, the body guard of RKF, the bullets (yeah plural) in the wood in the kitchen? (Look these up if interested, but it won't make a damned bit of good). The only takeaway for me now is that this is the kind of stuff that 'rulers' do among their little 'special' circle, just like court and Papal intrigues, with their poisonings, and such. The 'little' people like me just go on with their lives, as all this stuff happens over their heads, like the weather. Oh well.

I used to want to go to Asia. Now Asia's coming to me. I work in Central Jersey, and the immigrant story is way big there. You got your Chinese and Japanese, lots of Filipinos too. We not only have Indians, but Pakistanis and Sri Lankans. I guess the Bengladeshis are not far behind, especially as their country is so close to sea level that they are gonna have a HUGE migration out of necessity soon, thanks to rising sea levels. One upshot of this is that you have a lot of restaurants to sample, if you are adventurous enough, and I am, not having any allergies and such. I also like hot spices. I remember reading that one reason a lot of the tropical countries have such spicy hot food is that it keeps the parasites in check, and that eating a jalapeño or its local equivalent makes you sweat, which actually helps cool you down. Chillin' wit da chillies, bro. There are a lot of Koreans where I'm working, and boy, the cigarette companies did a GREAT job marketing those coffin nails. They cluster around the back door (seems like every half hour), and the smoke blows into the building. It's funny how they don't seem to like the cold, cuz I thought that country was a COLD place. Gettin' soft, Americanos?

I keep getting email offering to: a.) increase my you-know-what size, both in thickness and length AND b.) sell me watches; guess I can put the watch you-know-where. Why am I bringing this up? Because for grins I actually try to think of who is sending that spam. There are the automated systems, sure, but there are probably legions of simple-minded people who have paid, I dunno, $29 or something to tap into some 'great opportunity' to sell from the comfort of their home, something that's certainly in the range of possibilities in this crazy old world. Now think of how the actual subject line has to be obfuscated to get them past filters (yeah, I learned that word from being a programmer, LOL). For example, you put hyphens or underscores in key words , or use $ or @ or what-not. Imagine the gradual drift downward of rationalizations they go through to explain to themselves that they're actually doing honorable or at least value-neutral work, just fighting heartless or thoughtless security provisions, to get the message through to people that really need to know how to change their dick size (guess that includes 'downsizing' too), and/or sneak money out of Country X, or buy watches or whatever. What the hey.

Remember Sam Kinison? He did a non-PC rant many years ago about people starving in Africa where he ended up yelling "You're living in a DESERT!. There's NO WATER THERE! AHHHH, AHHH", or whatever his sound was. Well, friends and water drinkers, I have always shook my head at the waste of water in the Western US, with Las Vegas taking the cake. Yeah, I mean YOU Bellagio, and that place with the freakin' PIRATE LAGOON, and on and on, swimming pools, lawns, all that stuff. People from the East move to these desert regions and they want to bring their damn LAWNS with them. Well, the day of reckoning is fast approaching. There is a major drought out there, and it looks like a long-term problem. Wonder what THAT is going to do for the Red State/Blue State balance.

Surveillance Society?  Hey, it's here.
I see cameras all over New York, and I guess we have heard about how common they are in London. In my opinion, they are not going away. I know some people are very opposed to this but, sorry people, if you're not doing anything wrong, you should have nothing to fear. I long ago learned from my Mom that I should not pick my nose or grab my crotch in public, so I guess I'm schooled already. Yes, I know some guys are gonna look down some gal's cleavage, the voyage of the voyeur. They do anyway; a little supervision and auditing of the tapes can address that, so it's a management, training and QA problem, imho. Maybe we can use shut-ins to sit at those cameras; high bandwidth connection, comfy seat, and they can just sit at home. What a cool way to give them honorable employment. Or maybe the people among us who are mildly autistic, and would definitely 'pay attention' (and I'm not being mean here, seriously).

What do I fear about this?  Just watch 'Enemy of the State', and think of how the operatives (the Jack Black character) were unaware of who they were surveilling; they were 'innocent', but were complicit in messing with some innocent guy's life. It's the abuse of the technology by people with an agenda that is the danger. I do not know how we handle this, but we have to recognize it's here, people, and you can't undo it; all we can do is have good people controlling it and monitoring the monitors.

Here's another reason to love computers: I get a new Vista-installed PC, fine, very pretty, etc. I get used to being asked to continue certain processes for my own security (cannot make a screen shot of the annoying prompt, incidentally). I then try to use the new Email that comes with Vista, and it has lots of problems with McAfee. Nice. Whose fault is the incompatibility? McAfee? Gateway for selling the combo? Long experience tells me it's not worth finding out, so I go out to the forums and look for patches. Blah blah, nothing new. Same ol', same ol'. Problems addressed by partilly uninstalling some of the McAfee suite. Again, not surprising.  Here's the fun part: The trial subscription runs out for McAfee; I choose not to renew-can ya blame me? REGARDLESS of this, just now, funcking McAfee BLOCKS an email I tried to send. You should be DEAD and GONE, MUTHERFICKERRRR. Whatever; work around, yet another one. Stupid, rush-to-market crap.

I completely uninstall McAfee, and reboot. Windows tells me I'm not protected from virus, fine, so I follow their suggestion to get me some, and guess who one of their recommended vendors is:

Been kinda glum lately, what with the flu, and humdrum job, and internal customers who don't get it. What people should understand is that techies are end-users too, when you get down to it. We don't know everything, and don't care to know it either, for that matter. Who can keep up? Well, that's not that interesting, so 'nuff said. Enjoying the football season, with it's weekly upsets? Thanks, Cincinnati for beating Rutgers early in the year this time, so I don't hold my breath so long about undefeated. (Jeez, I'm STILL glum). Try again. Back to jogging again, which helps the old mood a lot. I remember being on vacation in the Canary Islands long time ago, and jogging, and people had NO idea what I was doing; I mean, I'd job by, and the heads would swivel. There was a time not so long ago when it was considered wierd. Runner's high, good stuff.

Death penalty? I think that sometimes, some people, they get really twisted, you know? A lot of it is abuse when their kids, but then they carry on the pattern and abuse and kill kids, so I say stop the syndrome. If you kill a child, or mess 'em up really bad, you must die, say I. Other crimes also 'earn' you the honor. Terrorist, though? No, because they want to be a martyr. Keep them alive, tucked away in one of those soul-less maximum security places. I don't care if they want to volunteer for medical experiments, but do not give these fuckers a ticket to the 70 virgins. (And by the way, what's so grand about busting a cherry? Kinda messy, she's not comfortable, etc.)

Seeing all those sandals and 'flipflops' left lonely on the streets of Burma the other day, following that shooting, I can't help but remember how people had to run through the streets on Sept 11, 2001.  This led me to reflect on how 'silly' it is to wear that footwear in a CITY, if you have to run for your life. Hey, I'm a bottom-line guy, and I am ALWAYS thinking of that possibility. But I go to the Big Apple and sure enough, all those fashionistas and youngsters are walking around with that flimsy footwear. Go figure.

Woke up early--again. Have to go to work, even tho it's weekend. Oh well. Wish the trains run on weekends - I work in Hoboken, home of Old Blue Eyes (well, Old Dead Eyes now, lol), and home of the funky Clam Broth House, ALSO DEAD, hmmmm is there a pattern here?.

Anyway, it's probably 60° out this time of the A.M. (that's Fahrenheit btw, for my potentially millions of overseas fans), as we slink into Fall. Maybe I'm gonna be the Fall Guy. (Don't know why I even say/type some of these things, but I'm gonna just 'let it flow, mofo', mebbe you will find some of it funny, but its all the same to me). The reason I bring this up is that some of the houses I walk past have their AIR CONDITIONING ON. Kinda clueless, I think. Disconnected from nature, or just trying to produce white noise to keep the city sounds out? Both? Neither? Who knows? But that's pissing away money, imho, bro. (and sis, don't ferget the fair sex, altho I don't know where that lable comes from, as they aren't any fairer, from what I have seen).

Hmmm. This isn't so bad, this 'blog' thing. Do you know what a petcock is? (Keep your mind out of the gutter, now, kidz). It's an escape valve thingie, for when pressure builds up in an otherwise sealed container. The pressure burps or 'farts' out. Look up the origin of the word, it's a giggle; if you know some Spanish, you might recognize that 'pedo' is related. Well, I think this webpage is serving as a petcock for lil' ol' me (I'm not THAT old, btw). I have met the guy who does 'My Montclair' page, and he's pretty mellow compared to me; maybe one day I'll get there but meantime this helps.

Anyway, I wanted to start writing because I think I have something worth reading in the area of politics and life in general in these United States. I rillllllly like the Internet for this function. Chip in to the gigantic chit-chat.

I'll have more to say later, but I have to actually type for a living now.

Peace out, everyhuman.

I joined this website because they promised anonymity (and help with spellcheck, lol). I am politically incorrect, but not a racist or real jerk. It's just that where I live, there's a liberal mind meld you hafta share, or your shunned. I can't deal with constantly having to 'splain myself, as Ricky Ricardo used to say on "I Love Lucy", and I think those people have minds that are as closed as anyone else, so I rant and rave (in a mellow kinda way) through this 'blog'.

I like forties music, big band especially, with Ella and Sinatra, Mills Brothers and Satchmo. I like Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks, Manhattan Transfer, Maria Muldaur, early Bob Dylan, Frampton Live, Fleetwood Mac, man, I could go on and on. Don't listen to much new music, altho I did enjoy a lot of the Outkast album a couple years back; bought it in fact. Pretty funny, but not entirely to my liking, esp. when one of the songs ended with variations on calling a woman bitch. (Oh, sorry, the 'B'-word, for you PC pipples).

I have lived in a lot of parts of this big country, and I can truly say I understand the feelings of people who love 'Okie from Muskogee' and 'Fightin' Side of Me'. That does not mean I have a lot in common with them, tho.

I am libertarian, but think unions have their place, esp. when you get to 'stick it to the Man'. I try not to cross picketlines.

I love my country, but fear (and often scorn) my government; this feeling goes way back, btw. It's because of FBI abuses like Waco, and the increasing SWAT-ization of police forces that I am definitely OK with owning a gun, not to mention the true fact that YES sometimes gun-wielding citizens PREVENT crime, and YES I know that kids shoot themselves with their daddy's guns, but that is a gun safety issue.

I wish life had a 'Ctrl/Z' feature.