There are many wonderful and unique voices in the world, so much worthwhile content on the Web. These are just some of that diverse multitude of voices, idiosyncratic but never vituperative or idiotic. Maybe you'll find some of them interesting; they come to this forum with different life experiences and attitudes, but agree to a sometimes anonymous but always respectful space for airing opinions.

In-House Voices
This is a venue for 'guest columnists'; there may be some interaction between the Voices contributors, but the amount and frequency of the interaction will depend on the subject matter, the authored content, the work schedule, and the preferences of the contributors.

While their content is sporadic, that is expected, and that's OK.

Readership is small but seems faithful, which is gratifying. Thanks to all who have visited. More and more sites are linking to the various pages, again, much appreciated as a form of validation.

Tuppence is written by a self-proclaimed "Liberal Arts Nerd" and bit of a social media and pop culture fan.

Politically Incorrect Guy is a little saltier than the other contributors, but salt is a spice, so we think you will enjoy it. (Not that the rest of this site is bland, we hasten to add!!).

Pushback Pam is a 'Soccer' and 'Security' Mom, who was already fed up with the Democrats on certain issues, then slowly got turned off to the GOP, culminating with the Schiavo case, and is now a proud (and occasionally angry) independent.

Lucky Vet is a Cold War veteran of the US Army whose life was changed by his four years in service in Germany; he tries to provide a non-partisan platform for advocacy for fellow vets, and volunteers some personal history, to give us a sense of those times.

Grace Notes has its own voice, and it is an attractive one, in our opinion.

Contrariana Huffenpuff is trying to add her voice to the movement of those who seek to revive the Conservative movement's credibility, and with it, the Republican Party. Her contributions are few at present, but a breath of fresh air.

Koan The Librarian (get it?) uses her voice to share her love of the English language (the US flavor).

Other Voices

Ken Jones is a Vietnam Vet we've come to know and respect, who speaks frankly, sometimes searingly, of what combat can be like, and the healing that vets try to experience.

Seth Godin

Andrew Thorn

John E. Smith


Ralph Talmont