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Interview with Argentbeauquest
August-September 2010

I first crossed paths with Lisa Oram via her @argentbeauquest account on Twitter, and have now enjoyed a deepening relationship of mutual esteem. I noted at the time that my knowledge of Romance languages led me to interpret that name as 'Silver Beautiful Quest' which she gladly agreed was a reasonable and lovely interpretation of that handle.

Bill: Lisa, part of my interest in you and your Weltanschauung was inspired by this proclamation on your Twitter bio:

"Spirituality is an expression: I convey thoughts, words, pictures, videos in an attempt to touch the human pulse of our I AM/SOURCE of ALL THAT IS."

To begin what I think will be a fascinating conversation, let me ask you this first question:

    How do you think each of us can best live our lives, and is there only one way to do so?

Lisa: Each life is a gift, with no one road for the journey better than the other. Individual choice is the freedom to uncover our soul's purpose. Living the best life is honoring the intuition/heart-center process. Love, compassion for others, gratitude, along with other positive attributes of being, provide the energy for discovering the Divine within.

Bill: You mention 'journey', and I think I understand this; 'praxis' comes to mind, as one of many ways of looking at that term. Let me ask you:

    Is there a one-for-one fit between a human personality's journey on this planet, and that person's life?

Lisa: Exactly, very astute of you; 'praxis' is interchangeable with journey. Your question about whether there is a 1-1 fit between one's journey and the life manifested, that is the mortar in the ceiling of our consciousness; probably the biggest question to face humanity.

In my opinion, choice within life's journey provides the experience of life lived. If we embrace our soul's messages about those choices, our life will be led to a higher spiritual level: if not, our life may not reach its highest levels because we haven't learned the lessons in our path.

Every human being is at a different level of spiritual awareness, and in our freedom, by continually unfolding, we embrace the 'oneness' of all that is life; otherwise we continue to act on separateness.

Bill: Earlier, you had mentioned "Each life is a gift" Does that imply a giver, a creator, possibly also caretakers?

Lisa: In my opinion, yes; I believe we have a Source that is a living energy.

Bill: When you say 'living', does that imply corporeal, therefore probably mortal, even if that lifespan is untold trillions of years old? Does it imply 'susceptible to injury'?

Lisa: I guess that was a poor choice of me, in describing our Source, words are so inadequate.

I believe one of our biggest failures is trying to humanize and explain in human terms what is so difficult to convey. May I take the word 'living' to a different level, to mean omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent?

Bill: I think omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence can also be attributes of a Field, generously defined, as well as an Entity; but what do I know?

Lisa, you said "I believe one of our biggest failures is trying to .. explain in human terms what is so difficult to convey." This puts me in mind of those memorable passages in some of Alan Watts' writings where he talks about the limitations imposed by language. Reality is not just a set of nouns and verbs, but relationships, context, and potentiality.

Language chops up reality , the discrete terms echoed by a single sequence of distinct words.

Dimensionality and digression/exploration are lacking in the artificial construct known as the sentence.

I think it's poignantly human that we labor under the inability of a single mention of a term to adequately impart all that that word can/should mean. This is all to set up this question:

    Do you use "Source" in place of "God" to underscore a non-mainstream take on God?

Here is where, as so often, the choice, the name, can lead and mislead, and divide folks.

Lisa: Great point with Alan Watts---exactly; maybe what is necessary is a fresh view of words and their connotations. Yes, I use Source as a 'label', instead of God, because I have found that many people have preconceived notions or opinions.

Bill: I mean, how can they not?

Lisa: I would underscore using Source as the common thread throughout all religions and belief systems.

To remind people that we are all connected is exactly the reason I do what I do on Twitter, with a myriad of examples daily of our Oneness. How I convey myself on Twitter is like the Alembic distillation of all that makes us human, showing our basis in the Divine.

Bill: The scientist Erwin Schroedinger has said that "The total number of minds in the Universe is One." Do you agree?

Lisa: Yes, I personally agree. A possible analogy, i would say, is that of the snowflake. The snowflake is individualized, with its unique presence, and yet, it is a part of the One Energy.

Bill: Is there a granularity to Mind, such that we have a local 'flavor' and perspective, even given your agreement with Schroedinger? Doesn't each of us have at least the potential for 'local' 'flavor' and perspective, or are personality and personal stores of memory not considered 'Mind' to you?

Is there a different term than 'Mind' for this 'localized' concentration of mentation, perspective and memory?

Lisa: There is a granularity to mind- a nut and bolt experience as given through perspective. Past life events, intellectual pursuits, individual talent, all form how the mind operates. The 'local flavor' of a person is the process of a thinking mind. I don't know if I would relabel the term 'mind', but, rather the approach to what it means to be human. There are many truths in this life, with none better than another. I believe that every person has the right to choose how to perceive life, and in what manner to live, as long as it does not cause harm. In my opinion, the idea of separateness has been one of humanity's biggest downfalls.

Mind, body and spirit make up what it means to be human. Given the complex systems of each, the interrelation of these three components are a whole energy system. The mind is our thinking instrument, our body is our physical manifestation, and our spirit/soul is the essence of our being to the life energy system.

The individual is a single microcosm within the macrocosm of existence. The separateness that is continually perpetuated in life affects how life is lived on our planet.

The difference between each person on Earth should be embraced and respected, rather than used like a wedge. The equality in our uniqueness should be brought as a strength to our world, reinforcing the whole of creation. Our Source, God, gives the right to each to believe or not to believe. The blending of art, science, and all other systems of our life experience should now be working together, not separately, to reinforce human life.

The time has come for humanity to respect this; different doesn't mean wrong.

Bill: You say "different doesn't mean wrong", and I accept this, wholeheartedly, but let's look at individual human cases, where some who share our planet are twisted, brutal examples of what a human can be. Is there no evil in your view of reality?

Lisa: Yes, unfortunately, there is evil in this world, people who are asleep and have forgotten who they are. They are caught in the web of darkness. I am not a Pollyanna, by any stretch of the imagination, for I have lived many instances of hell-on-earth; but I chose not to embrace the darkness.

Bill: Any closing thoughts, perspectives, for us?

Lisa: The sum of the parts of any living presence shows the interrelatedness of the energy of life, whether it be man, animal, plant, astronomical, or molecular compound. Looking at the thread of life in all of its examples shows how the individuated processes operate as a finely-tuned orchestration of energy. Spirituality, to me, is the label, if that is even necessary, to this process.
A quote of Lisa's from a 9/11 blog that @blufftonian and I put out:

I believe there is a rapid shift happening in our global consciousness. People are tired. People are fed up with prejudice, hate, fear, war, the lack of transparency, and the abuse of Mother Gaia. Waves of positivity are sweeping across the globe, showing daily examples of people working together as One on many levels. The gratification that accompanies helping another human being is the soul signaling we are finally on a path to healing our world.