Custom Software for Small Businesses and Organizations
Our associates have several decades working in the realm of providing solutions for business and government. The challenge for small business is trying to find a cost-effective method of automating their specific business processes, but you may be relieved and pleased to learn that this is our 'sweet spot'. Contact us for further information.

Web Site Design

If you like the clean visual appeal of this and affiliated web sites, and the fast-loading nature of the pages, then consider having us do this for you as well. One of the things we offer that we think differentiates us from many other smaller web site shops is that we can provide the 'verbiage' (text contents) which help to sell your business or support your mission.

Technical Training and Tutoring

Often, organizations or individuals take training in order to achieve a business or design goal; why not combine purposes? If you would like to learn about the internet, or about small database development, and need to produce on a deliverable, contact us. We offer custom training related to your specific database or web site needs; working hand-in-hand, we can both train you in the relevant issues and actually get a good bit of the work done at the same time. Like they say, 'give a person a fish, and you feed them for a day; teach them to fish, and you feed them for life'. (Substitute 'tofu' for fish, if you like).

AREV data migration
We can migrate the multi-dimensional data that made Advanced Revelation (AREV) and its predecessor, RevG, famous in their heyday. This data can be exported into scripts for application to a mainstream RDBMS server, can be exported into flat files, into Excel, into Access, or any variation on the theme. All we need is a valid logon to your existing account. Symbolics are analyzed and either converted into corresponding views, user-defined functions, or resolved and 'fixed' as static data, depending on the requirement.  We are expert at working on and parsing the multi-dimensional data found in Rev/AREV databases.