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For Love of Ivy

Montclair is home to several varieties of Ivy. It thrives around here, the origin of the (completely new, made-up) word 'thrivy', and we have to trim it back from the screens twice a year, or else its little tendrils take hold, and the integrity of the screens are compromised. (If you work in Washington D.C., and don't know what integrity or compromise mean, use the Internets to edumacate yerself, ya @#!)

In homage to 'The Eggplant that ate Chicago', I offer 'Car SUVmits to floral forager'. 

Here's how they spread, by stretching out the new shoots.

What's also part of the Ivy story is that the birds and squirrels make use of the thick cover and handy foot paw-holds the sinuous branches provide to nest and move around, the squirrels especially.

Peek-a-boo. They latch on to any surface, even the relatively smooth one shown above.

See the root-like structures? Once this stuff takes hold, it's no mean feat to remove.

Closer to the ground, the plant is very woody.

In relating how the squirrels travel around on this thick network of foliage, I'm tempted to make some kind of crack about the 'Ho Chip-munk Trail' here, but even I have some limits. (But apparently, those limits do not proscribe the remark after all, as I hunger for recognition from my global readership, and offer up my integrity on the altar of notoriety.)