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Market Day in Montclair

I've gone to the first two Farmers' Market days at the train station, and as always, it's worth a visit. Here are some photos from this most recent visit; click on each in turn for a doubling of the image. I found an old page about the Market here, and some more pages here and here, FYI.
I also got some shots of two typical Montclair streets. To see those related pictures, click here.

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You can see the train tracks in the background. Trains do not run on weekends.

View from the beginning of market, as if you were walking in from Walnut.

You can get tomatoes, mozzarella, eggs and meat at this stand.

Flowers are prominent. We bought a big basil plant last time.

Local landmark, The Bread Company, right down the street from the Market.

The Organic Guy - a mainstay, and always worth a visit.

Now we are looking toward Walnut Street from the Market.

Looking toward Walnut and showing part of the stub parking that is not gobbled up by the Market.

Past that red canopy is the stand where you can get some great apples, come Fall.

It's not all tomatoes and roses, though. Saturdays are not a day of relaxation for most of us, as if they ever were. I'm bringing this up because I witnessed a bit of a vehicular contretemps during my leisurely saunter home.

Cars coming into the small parking lot (capacity of 10 cars) quickly learn the futility of their choice, as there is often nada for them. They then have to cycle out of the truncated lot back onto the street. Normally, no biggie, unless we get a bit of a saturation effect in the flow, where the folks still trying to get into the lot to realize their mistake are still on the street, blocking traffic, which backs up onto adjacent street, etc. To these fellow citizens, I dedicate:

Indirect Homage to Scott Clark of Channel 7

   Insistent clot of cars accessing tiny space
   Pent up pressures of modern life
   Gotta get the groceries, but stuck in a cluster
   Kinda like Tetris, but not as much fun.
   Oh bray, bray, bray, horns of hapless, hassled, frazzled weakened worriers,
   As you confront the limits of your power for the third time today, and it's only 10 A.M.

Oh, and if you're wondering why the banner that annually stretches across Bloomfield Avenue to announce the Farmer's Market is not present this year, rumor has it that a certain developer didn't want to have the banner attached to his building. The Market is successful anyway, so no biggie, I guess; maybe the sign was causing damage, but I reserve judgement.