Ken Jones
The book of Ken Jones' life has several vivid chapters that relate to his tour of duty in Vietnam. He suffered the loss of friends; he suffered battle wounds both physical and mental. His civilian life 'back in the world' was for a long while dominated by survivor guilt and PTSD.

Now, from a healthy place, and with a giving heart, he wants to help fellow vets return from the world of war to a homecoming blessed with some measure of peace of mind. He offers two free ebooks about the combat experience and PTSD, "Life After Combat" and "When Our Troops Come Home".

I have organized some of Ken's Twitter posts in the pages below, reminiscences mixed with reflections on PTSD, survivor guilt, coping and the power of love. Sometimes themes present themselves, hence my attempt at providing titles.

Background on the two books he has written

The Fog of War and the Dogs of War

How important spouses are in the process of bringing our troops home

The 500 lb booby trapped bomb

Thoughts on November 11, 2010