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The Tom Swiftly
This part of popular culture is fun, once you catch on to the structure, and think a little about juicy adverbs. For example, starting with 'gingerly' as the adverb I want to build my phrase around, I think back on some of my favorite flicks of the forties, and voila:

   "I dreamt I danced with Fred Astaire", Tom said, Gingerly.

"Hey, I fell off the Left Bank on my way back from the Sorbonne", Tom said, in-Seine-ly.
"I know how to catch sharks", Tom said, chummily.
"I caught a giant tarpon, and got a flesh wound", Tom said, super-fishily.
"Girl, you are TALL", Tom said sleepily, bashfully, happily, sneezily, and grumpily.
"I have stolen a lot of French streets", Tom confessed, Rue-fully.
"Voltaire, mind your garden", Tom counseled, Candide-ly.
"I am not insane", Tom said, noncommitally.
"I am saving a bundle on my medication", Tom said, generically.
"I hated the denouement of that play", Tom complained, anticlimatically.
"Hide the chinchilla!", Tom said, furtively.
"Drop your drawers", Tom ordered, cheekily.
"Who's the sous chef in this restaurant?", Tom asked, saucily.
"So, you're from Palermo?", Tommaso asked, Sicily.
"Sasquatch, they haven't caught us yeti", Tom boasted, abominally.
"Curse you Red Baron", Tom said, snoopily.
"Put the dog on the mat", Tom ordered, dogmatically.
"Son, meet your baby sister", Tom said, a-parently.
"Kids, daddy is getting a sex change", Tom said, trans-parently.

Less obvious ones:

"I'm drunk as a lord", Tom said, Chivas Regally.
"Lately, I'm alternately melancholic, sanguine, choleric and phlegmatic", Tom admitted, humourously.
"I want to wear eye makeup and sing 80's Brit rock", Tom said, Adam-Ant-ly.
"You South-of-the-Border slattern!", Tom said, puta-tively.
"I am a big Frantz Fanon fan", Tom said, wretchedly and earthily.
"I have my cell phone", Tom said, Handily. (German reference)
"I erased all your .ICO files", Tom said, iconoclastically.
"I feel superior to my post-and-lintal architectural predecessor", Tom said, archly.

You'll find a writeup of this at the Wikipedia site, which offers this gem, among others:
     "I manufacture tabletops," said Tom counterproductively.

: More to come. You can contribute your own, too, you know; why should I take all the blame?