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Dramatis Personae1

In alphabetical order --- how could we presume to rank these worthies?

Contrariana Huffenpuff
hopes to contribute to a sensible reconfiguration of the Right

Koan the Librarian is an academic in the blood

Liberal Arts Nerd
is just glad to be here, most of the time

Lucky Vet
is one of millions of American veterans

Monty Einwohner de Crane-Towne is a bon vivant, well, maybe not so bon

Politically Incorrect Guy is sui generis

Pushback Pam
is a long time contributor who is a valued member of our small community

uses spidey sense to intervene wherever he damn well pleases
Footnotes courtesy of one of our contributors. We make no claim that this makes any sense.

1 The 'text avatars' are the best we could do; we wanted actual 3D rendered figures with a back story, but we were too lazy and content to bother with such visual tidbit objects, so we used an age-old approach: the Monicker. Considered through an Object Oriented mindset, this affords the same type of information hiding as its visual sibling.
2You can't have only one footnote. That's gauche, man, gauche.

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