Caveat Lector (reader beware)

In 'The Matrix', the protagonist Neo (the Keanu Reeves role) is presented with a life-altering choice, whether to continue living an existence he suspected was false, or to break from the only life he had known and face the unknown. Neo chose the path of knowledge, which led, however painfully, to eventual liberation.

This point in your exploration of the Borderland is a similar choice for you. You may either

  Accept the current world view, even with its acknowledged limitations and drawbacks and just get through this existence
  Be open to the fact that sometimes careerism, money, groupthink, sheer inertia and laziness are why the current world view, while outdated, is not updated, with unnecessarily tragic consequences to our planet, our species, and other species.

If you click HERE you are choosing to move toward that knowledge, bewildering, frightening, incomplete, often compromised and/or deliberately distorted through disinformation, but maybe closer to what's really going on in the darker corners of human experience. This demimonde is populated with scoundrels, yet heroism and doing the right thing are found within the annals, sometimes at significant personal cost.

If you read some of this material and you are shocked out of your world view and/or offended, then:
   a.) we wouldn't blame you
   b.) you shouldn't blame us; this is a disclaimer, so be forewarned, pilgrim!

Your personality type may not allow this type of world-altering information, and that's fine; move on. Those of you who have the ability to think fearlessly in these realms should be somewhat self-congratulatory, although such knowledge often brings sadness. Be sure to also test your level of enlightenment by illustrating compassion to those who reject certain information which is hazardous to their Weltanschauung (view of life).

The information presented here is culled from a diversity of sources, pondered over, subjected to review, and only then put out for consumption. We understand our responsibility for the information we put out, unlike many on the Web. Please understand that we share this out of love for humankind, and the believe that the truth shall set you free. Take your time, and don't simply take our word for it; explore other discussions of the topics presented herein. Use the Internet as the tremendous resource it still is, (but don't assume it will always be so powerful and available and useful).

Simply being free in your thoughts, and thinking holistically in your actions, is fundamentally the stuff out of which (non-violent) revolutions can come, built individual choice by individual choice.