At present, we have interviewees from eight states, in alphabetical order: Alaska, California, Florida, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, New York and Ohio. More to come. Click here to go to main Americana page.

Searing and Healing Words
Ken Jones, who goes by @akvet on Twitter, reflecting both his military veteran combat experience, and his state of Alaska, is a tireless advocate of vets and PTSD treatment. He is gifted in his language, prose actually, as much of his Twitter feed is one powerful sentence after another, as he talks about the combat vet's experience of life during and after combat, the survivor guilt, the coping mechanisms, the impact on family, the break-through to acceptance, the intention of healing, and so much more. A set of links to his searing and healing words are found here, and his interview with me is found here.

Sustainability's Shining Example makes Canarsie Proud
Mike Lieberman, who goes by CanarsieBK, is a prolific and personable personal example of how to live sustainably. I think we need to reverse the tragic historical anomaly that characterizes our modern, often sadly shortsighted, way of relating to Nature. Mike is a source of specific doable steps toward that goal.

Veteran Tech Startup CEO
Scott Barnett is an energetic denizen of the American tech entrepreneurial culture, and our career paths have crossed twice. He is a personably powerful presence, keeping teams focused on deliverables, inspiring, cajoling, constantly moving resources and team members toward the next goal, even as the ones after that come into view. Gain insight into the mindset of the entrepreneur in this interview.

Humane Being
Lurain Penny is an interesting and incredibly honest woman, a performer who has had halcyon days and has lived in an alcoholic's haze. She is a powerful example of the power of the human spirit and mind, and of the possibility inherent in each of us to change the world.

Service to His Country
Every generation seems to produce patriotism and sacrifice in the US, and the current crop is no exception. Joey Yeh had his life perspective changed by 9/11, and joined the Army. Enjoy this uplifting interview.

Codifyer and Kitty
America is the home of many talented and thoughtful people, many with fascinating viewpoints and personal history. I enjoyed this interview with Aza Cody, someone with a distinctive visual style, which she employs and deploys in a project named Pirate KittyCat Toon.

Supply Chain Guru
I first learned about the significance of supply chains and logistics from Thomas Friedman's "The World is Flat". In a global business environment, there are a lot of things to understand about the proper care and feeding of a supply chain, and Andy Avery is someone who knows the ins and outs of this crucial business infrastructure. Our interview is here.

Relocation Concierge
The US is the world's leading economy due to many factors, but one factor that should always be mentioned is its vibrant entrepreneurial culture. Mary Lascelles is a great example of just such an American entrepreneur.

Global Mindset that can Uplift a Community
America is not a political monolith with central control, but a quilt of municipal, county, state and national political culture. One locally involved American is someone who embodies so many of the qualities that make America great. Several years ago, I interviewed Shane Wyatt McCartney, someone who is using a modern and global approach to help his beloved hometown, Canton Ohio.

Sarge tries his Hand in the Political Arena
Terry Martin-Back is a former career NCO in the Army who is fed up with business as usual in the political world. He's shaking things up and taking things into his own hands by making an independent run for Congress in the Third Congressional District of Florida. (2008)

Cold War Reminiscences
Gordon MacPherson talks of his Air Force career in West Berlin during the Cold War, and of his beloved Dusa Dog. He walks and loves the Appalachian Trail, and has published a book of his travels, which explains his name on Twitter, @TrailSampler.

NORAD Vet Lisa Oram
Interesting glimpse into 'scope dopes' who protect US air space (and who sometimes witness memorable unexplained phenomena).

Empowerment Powerhouse
Zanade Mann is a whirlwind woman who confidently strides the modern urban and media landscape and blesses her life with service to others. She uses the lessons of her own life to form a dynamic and confident persona who seeks to make others as confident and powerful as she is.

Maryland's Marketing Maven
The small business owner is often only expert in the area of their application, but is immersed in a number of concerns, a heady if sometimes overwhelming experience. The area of marketing and promotion is one of those important areas that gets all too often ignored, which unfortunately can have a big impact on the long-term viability of the business. This is where Jan Riley comes in. She is a great example herself of a small business that in turn helps other small businesses to succeed through effective marketing.

Questioning Duality
Learn about Shaktipat, Joseph Beuys, and Divinity embracing the perfection of non-duality, along with many other things, in this iInterview with artist Karen Ciaramella.

Shining Life Counselor
Bernadette Armiento advocates for a holistic approach to health, one that emphasizes diet, to be sure, but also understands that nutrition is not just the fuel we provide our bodies.

Software Developer
Mark Luckasavage has seen entire generations of software as well as many operating systems and databases come and go. He continues to produce modern, flexible and useful software for police departments, schools, Homeland Security, hospitals and other institutions. (coming)

Public Health Player
Doctor Edgar Simard, Ph.D share recollections of the days following 9/11 in the US, at the CDC.  We also explore the realm of epidemiology. (coming)

Architect of Needed Change

Betsey Merkel has for years, in collaboration with a growing and eager community of change makers and big thinkers, been creating frameworks and tools for people to get together, share, learn and change our world from the bottom up. (coming)