Miss LuRain Penny

This interview is with a worldly wise lady I met on Twitter, LuRain Penny

Over the course of several months of amiable interchange with Lurain, I was introduced to Aza Cody, whom I interviewed. Both ladies liked the way the interview went, so I thought, why not interview Miss Penny as well, the ultimate and original Humane Being? (Aza Cody, by the way, is the key contributor to Miss Penny's YouTube Channel; her visual style strongly characterizes those videos.)

The Q&A here is verbatim from email conversations, so you get the unique flavor of her verbal expression. I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I have enjoyed producing it.

Bill: How would you describe your career?

LuRain: * A Comeback from Nowhere. ;-) *

Bill: Which decade of your life has proven to be your favorite?

LuRain: I had a great decade between the 80's & 90's. At that time I was the longest cabaret act in NYC, I played from the Bottom Line to Top of the Gate. Opened for Ray Charles, Taj Mahal & Dr. Billy Taylor. Won the Manhattan Association of Cabaret Awards for Best Show. Then the troupe went back to Oregon, where our director started her own Theatre on the Park. Headlined there many yrs. I was still drinkin' right the way through my triumph so on the outside everything was rosy but on the inside I was just a package of pain which had never healed.

However, then I had a stroke of bad luck & it took some time to recover. It wasn't pleasant. I come to realize though, it was necessary for my further development so I can say that this decade has been my best & most happiest years ever.

Bill: What was in that "package of pain"?

LuRain: Oh Bill, that would be such a long story. ;-) I've made it a point not to dredge too deeply back there. The silt would sully my spark. Suffice it to say I was taught to despise myself by my up bringers & carried on the tradition most of the way through my existence. A perfect victim of circumstance. The problem of having a vast emotional well is you sometimes drown in it. Depression is so comfortable.

[It t]akes a great deal of effort to reverse the code, especially when the information is formative.

I'm so happy & lucky to have ridded myself of most of my shadows. I keep a few around because they make interesting shapes in my Light. hahahaha!

Bill: Hmmm, sort of like 'chiaroscuro for the soul', to me at least, tastier than that ol' chicken soup for the soul, if you will (or won't).

Lurain, on your "Maintenance Drinker in the New Age" blog, you proclaim: "Need to confide before I'm no more", portraying what to me is a realistic assessment of where you probably stand in your progression along your life's course.

How do you view life?

LuRain: If Homo Sapiens spent every waking minute of each day in awe of the amazing experience that Life is, they would have less time for fussin' & fightin'.

Bill: Amen.

LuRain: I find delight in the most simple & minute examples of miracle. Taking myself off the center of my attention, I have finally been able to relish my time on this planet, after a long trail of suffering I largely brought upon my own head & Heart. When I ascend, I hope to come face to face with the Source of All & to say in honesty - "Thanks for all Your help. I had a wonderful time & am proud of what I made of my Life. Don't EVER send me back there again." ahahahaha! Dog Heaven for me!

Bill: How do you view Death?

LuRain: Death is the doorway to the next adventure. If it goes somewhere, yippee! If it leads to Oblivion, I been there. Not so bad.You don't remember a thing. hahahaha.

I comfort myself in the notion that the dead are alive in another dimension. (Thank God! for quantum physics).

It is dying that hurts. Homo Sapiens must greatly fear & resent Life to have spent most of history & a lot of effort contriving to ensure their fellow beings suffer terribly on the way out. **They have entertained themselves watching people & animals flailing, squirming, being dragged kicking & screaming to the threshold from the Beginning & still do. How morbidly un-evolved.

Mystery don't mean terror to me, and I don't want to share their delusion.

Not none of us know how we will react when the moment of transition is upon us.

I hope I have the courage to go out singing.

Bill: When did you come up with the notion of "Humane Being", and what does it mean to you?

LuRain: Homo Sapiens are doomed repeaters, who have taken advantage of re-incarnation to return as themselves over & over. They are deliberately selfish, wantonly cruel & since the beginning learned to shit & leave it behind. I am done waiting for them to evolve. It intrigued me to discover (by watching the PBS) that DNA is a code, which changes depending on the beings circumstances.Emotional & physical trauma can cause the markers with predilections for actual destruction of the being i.e. alcoholism, cancer etc to move in more favorable positions.

Healing reverses these markers & more beneficial code re-emerges. Fascinatin'. When I also found out folks could move cursors & other instruments outside their bodies using the power of their minds, it suddenly dawned on me that the code is malleable & can be influenced directly by conscious intent. I figured to use myself as a living experiment to test my theory by orphaning myself from the parent species & creating a new form of humanoid. This is what I call the HUMANE BEING, a creature who has chosen to react in opposition to the historical & genetic model, who has made the mental/emotional effort to over-ride biological imperatives. I ain't all the way there yet. I'm still highly flawed. But, I am no longer a slave to my rut of response patterns. I have proved to myself at least, that even the most twisted of human mindsets can be altered by Will. I'm a philosopher on a mission to be the living example of my beliefs & encourage all with ears to hear that they can heal themselves & be part of a Better World.

Bill: Brain and mind work to perceive our existence and to thereby enable contemplation of how to change it. I understand what you mean, and I applaud your dedication to your 're-make', or is it 're-do'? :)

Lurain, do you have any parting thoughts?

LuRain: We must reach the children, for in them lies the future.

Be a living example of your highest beliefs so they can emulate.

Encourage their self-sufficiency, their novel ideas & lofty aims.

Reward with enthusiasm all their good acts.

Care. Share. Be Aware.

Teach your kids to do the same.

Thank you, Bill for this opportunity to impart my tiny ideas to your readers.

You are a true HUMANE BEING, and I am proud to know you.