Mary Lascelles is known to thousands as 'ReloMary', and at Christmas time, ReloELF. She provides concierge relocation services. We met her through her frequent personable, thoughtful and upbeat contributions on the popular business networking site

We spoke with her recently about a matter of elffense, er I mean 'immense' importance, the ELF movement on LinkedIn. LinkedIn allows members to show off their personality if they choose, in support of their personal brand, ELF is an example of this.

In order to properly prep for this virtual vis-a-vis, I re-read the entire Tolkien trilogy, plus 'The Hobbit'. Perhaps I over-prepared, but it was worth it. And so to our interview. (This was in 2010)

Q: Tell me, Mary, what is ReloELF doing this special time of the year?

A: This is a time of year to reflect and also gather up ELF friends to spread cheer one to another. Itís been a tough year for so many in so many different ways. Who doesnít need and appreciate a little cheer and levity?

Q: How many Elves have joined the ranks?

A: So far there are 126 ELVES who have joined the ranks. Our goal, this ELF Fraternity on LinkedIN, is to go out and spread our ELFness and bring some joy to those we come into contact with. Itís a special non-exclusive group. You just need to don an ELF name and spread your kind of cheer going forward.

Q: What are some of the more innovative or remarkable Elf names?

A:It is so hard to say, Billf, so here is a long list of them and you might have a more objective eye than I doÖeach name reflects something near and dear to the ELF and how they see themselves:

JunkYardELF, Alaska ELF, ELF&Safety, ELFonWheels, MysELF, ELFis, ELFamale, RunnerELF, twELF, ELFisPresley, ELFofGoodCheer&Volunteer, bluELFin, BridgeELF, ELFangel, DiversityELF, RescueELF, wELFy, KneesUpELF, WishboneELF, trpELF, AcquisitionELF, EL3F, ButTrapperArtistELF, CheckmateELF, CuriousKatELF, AuditorELF, WhatenELFmyself, SunELF, felELF, hELF, CookinELF, BeerELF, pmELF, MeowELF, WriterELF, HouseELF, sELFless, TechELF, GhandiELF, DiversityELF, SourcingELF, BookshELF, DancingELF, ELFrescu, CreativELF, SignELF, ELF-tastic, ELFglue, MysELF, inELF, ELFonWheels, BeautyELF, GratefulELF, DarthELF, SunnyELF, GrandPoobahoftheRoyalOrderofthe WaterBuffaloELF, LibraryELF, ELFloki, RenewELF, ELFtrepeneur, WolfieELF, ejELF, LearnerELF, ExecutiveELF, FurtureELF, CountryELF, RecrutrELF, AirELF, GRE-elf, ElderELF, mys ELF, AuthenticELF, HumorELF, ArethalWaterELF, SingingELF, MoverELF, CoachELF, TheOneELF, tELFord, DocELF, philosELFer, MartianELF, KeeblerELF, bowwowmeaowELF, OfftheshELF, What-ELF, LinkedInELF, ELFresco, ELF-friend, BelleELF ...

So many good names. A couple more: NikaNatorELF (Shonika Proctor who would be another fantastic interview) , HealthELF, GoToELF, RecoveryELF (after a bike accident) BioEngineeredELF, BenevolentELF, itsELF, Yikes - this is hard to pick a few!!

Q: A 'relocation elf' is somewhat sui generis, I think; one of a kind. Do you think there are many other relocation elves out there in our world?

A: I have never met any, Billf, but if you run across any it would be an honor to be introduced. And if I run across any, I will certainly let you know.

Q: Elf's honor?

A: Elf's honor.

Q: Stepping out of our eminently enjoyable Elf personae, let me ask you this question: As 'ReloMary', what value do you bring the relocation experience?

A: My work helps ease the work and stress for people in the selling, buying, moving process. It has been a thrill to connect first time home buyers, for instance, with a Realtor who can walk them through each step.

It is my job to make the appropriate match between customer and Realtor.

I love it when people who thought they had no hope of home ownership were then able to get into their first home. And to think it really boils down sometimes to that connection with a solid Realtor who has the knowledge and patience to do a little hand holding and explaining. Not all of them do.
A young couple got into their first home in June and had their first baby a week ago. The new mom’s comment was, “Now we have a safe place to raise our child.” Did I feel good? You bet!

It is also rewarding when I get a call from an exasperated individual who has their home listed with someone and can’t wait to get out of the contract because “they’ve done nothing!” I will find them an agent who instills trust and gets the job done.