America is the world's leading economy due to many factors, but one factor that should always be mentioned due to its significance is its strong and vibrant entrepreneurial culture.

Mary Lascelles is a great example of just such an American entrepreneur. She is better known to thousands as 'ReloMary'.

Mary Lascelles is based in Redding, California, and we encountered her through her frequent personable, thoughtful and upbeat contributions to the popular business networking site LinkedIn.

We spoke with her recently.

Q: A 'relocation concierge' is a unique position --- at least in my experience. Mary: are you a pioneer, like your California forebears?

A: I’ve never thought of it until now but maybe so.

Q: So what is it that you do, Mary?

A: Families, independent professionals, and individuals often don’t know where to start when they are selling a home and moving. That’s where I come in; I provide red carpet treatment that will make the whole experience easier. I know how to find the right professionals where you need them and when you need them. I stand behind the connections made and am available by phone or email. In those rare cases where the match is not quite right, I will do a re-match; I want people to know they are not locked in.

--- and there is no fee!

Q: How do you make any money with this approach?

A: I get paid through broker to broker referral fees, which is standard in a lot of businesses. It’s really a win-win because the client gets better service. Also, because there are a lot of choices out there, services needed by those going through relocation might otherwise not have been found in a timely fashion. Time is valuable; we all need as much time as possible to wrap up personal matters before moving.

Let me find the professionals to help with the specifics of selling, moving, buying. It makes a BIG difference in the outcome when you’re referred. It’s like having a Guardian Angel riding with you.

A great example is on the blogpost where I was able to find a wonderful listing agent, mover, car transporter, and real estate agent in the town these folks are moving to to help with a rental prior to buying. They are squared away! And that’s the whole idea.

I get feedback from people I refer and I use it to make sure things are happening in a professional and sound way.

Q: It seems as if you have a business model that is at least partly, if not mainly, characterized by service. Is that a fair characterization?

A: My business is ALL about service, and my entire focus is to make the process of selling, buying, and moving as straightforward as possible. My role is to find professionals with the knowledge, experience and resources best suited to each client’s situation. It helps things flow from beginning to end. It can be unnerving to pull everything together in those final hours when one house closes, the moving truck is supposed to be there, and there’s a delay in the close of the house you’re going to etc. You want experience on your side to minimize the hassles, and to keep things calm and flowing in a forward motion.

Q: So in a sense, you're a convenient aggregator of resources?

A: That is exactly what I am. I am the conduit between the seller and the realtor or the mover and the moving company sort of thing. I have enough of a presence within the real estate industry that I know how to get to the competent professionals needed and rather quickly. For instance, I can usually make the connections the same day or within 24 hours. If it’s a more remote area, it could take a little longer but typically it’s within 24 hours. The customer is contacted by the person I referred them to and can determine if it’s a match. If it is not, for whatever reason, then I prefer the customer let me know so I can find someone else. That helps me know whether to use that company or person again which is key to keeping standards high.

Q: How did you choose this type of business?

A: I worked as an RN in hospitals for over 20 years. During those years, we owned and grew a real estate company locally in Redding, CA. We eventually needed to “up the ante” in relocation so I was brought in to work in that area in 2003. My nursing background made it an easy transition and soon I was entrenched in a new career and loving it. While many are pining to make a career change, I already did it and was so fortunate that it’s a great match for me. I love finding that perfect match for customers and do not stop until I have it!

Q: In your experience as 'ReloMary', what are some high points that make you look back with pride?

A: My work helps ease the work and stress for people in the selling, buying, moving process. It has been a thrill to connect first time home buyers, for instance, with a Realtor who can walk them through each step. I love it when people who thought they had no hope of home ownership were then able to get into their first home. And to think it really boils down sometimes to that connection with a solid Realtor who has the knowledge and patience to do a little hand holding and explaining. Not all of them do.

It is my job to make the appropriate match between customer and Realtor. A young couple got into their first home in June and had their first baby a week ago. The new mom’s comment was, “Now we have a safe place to raise our child.” Did I feel good? You bet!

It is also rewarding when I get a call from an exasperated individual who has their home listed with someone and can’t wait to get out of the contract because “they’ve done nothing!” I will find them an agent who instills trust and gets the job done.

Recently I was talking with a gal who has her parents’ home to sell in Las Vegas. She has done a lot of real estate and is skeptical of the experience. She has always interviewed two agents herself and wanted me to find her two to interview, maybe three. But she agreed to start with two. Her feedback was, “Mary, I’ve got a problem. They are both so good I don’t know which one to choose.”

I will find each client a competent agent. Together we work to fit all the pieces of the puzzle together with lender, appraisal, mover, utility transfer, etc. It works and may I remind you that there is no additional fee for the service.

As my video says, “Why wouldn’t you call one number: 530.515.6299 to get started.”

Q: Mary, I think you've made another fan. Thanks so much for taking the time to tell us about yourself, and continued success in your business.