CDEIS.COM is the domain name originally associated with CDEIS, Inc. (1999 to 2004), the privately held corporation of Bill Nigh. In this corporate persona, CDEIS provided the business and delivery infrastructure for the talents of its founder and associates in:

  • AREV
  • Oracle
  • Sybase
  • SQL
  • PowerBuilder
  • Data migration
  • Web design
  • Training
  • Tutoring
  • Course development
  • Curriculum development
and, well, anything else that came over the transom. Most of these services are now available through Bill Nigh.

CDEIS is pronounced 'Sea Dice', hence the pair of dice against a mellow watery background in the banner. CDEIS.COM's light footprint is well suited to small devices such as the iPad. Content is king here, not flashy stuff. CDEIS.COM strives to entertain, engage and educate, with content for the discerning visitor.  We hope you enjoy this collaboration of several free-thinking individuals; it's a labor of love.

From the Internet Archive 'Wayback Machine', we managed to find our very first home page:

Scenes from Five-Year CDEIS Anniversary

Visitors in a recent five year span

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