Colorado Trip

We found ourselves in Colorado Springs once again recently. In addition to having a vibrant tech scene, tourist draw, home of the US Olympic Training Center, and abundant source of world-class natural beauty, Colorado Springs is also the site of many very large and influential Christian churches and organizations, such as Focus on the Family. Mix in a good dose of military from nearby Fort Carson and the NORAD headquarters nearby, and you've got a pretty interesting place to spend time.

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When we arrived at our in-laws, we were greeted by a swallow's nest above the door.

Sunsets always have the promise of majesty.

Driving past Flying W Ranch, home of the famous singing cowboys, and a fine way to spend an evening:

Manitou Springs has a quirky sort of charm:

Wildwood NJ has lots of signs of this venerable age, the age of neon on painted metal:

The Motel, right on the main drag, about a mile outside town, two miles from Pikes Peak cogway.

This is detail from the fireplace in our room.

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