Road Trip to Atlantic City, page 2

I was in Atlantic City recently for the first time in decades, for a convention, and I walked around a bit all three days I was there. Here are some more observations and photos.

Indoor tableau of the 'Havana Tower' portion of the Tropicana Hotel, where I stayed. You can stay as sallow-faced as you like and just gamble and gambol through the interior, without sullying your shoe with sand. (And I'll betcha some folks do just that---or is it "don't do" just that?)

Part of the 'Havana' motif for the Tropicana was the lazily-rotating overhead fans you see above.
It is a huge place.

The beach area is buffered from the boardwalk by this region planted with local grasses. Beaches 'migrate' all the time, due to wind, storm erosion, and other factors, and one of the maintenance issues is frankly just keeping the darn thing from disappearing over the years. Of couse, sand can be deposited by natural processes as well.

The Atlantic City boardwalk was built in 1870, mainly to keep resort guests from tracking sand into the grandiose hotels. With the advent of gambling in the city, I'd 'wager' that possibly less than half the people in town at any given moment ever set foot on that strand. (It may be even a lesser percentage, when you factor in convention-goers.)

It's a good-sized beach, and breezes help make it tolerable on those sultry Jersey days in the Summer.

Where would we be without our fortune-tellers? Step right in.

Night falls on the boardwalk.

As I might have mentioned, I was in AC for a convention, and the first day went pretty well. My boss wanted to give me a bit of a reward, so he said I should treat myself to a meal from room service. I gladly assented, and called that evening, which occasioned this somewhat comic exchange between me and Laura of Room Service. After I had ordered a number of appetizers and a salad (and dessert, of course), she asked me:

"Is this for two?"
"Well, actually it's just me, but I wanted to have the cheesecake for breakfast tomorrow. You see, we had a pretty good day at the convention, so my boss said I could spend $50 for food tonight..." and on and on I went.
(Chuckling) "Sir, I wasn't questioning your order; I just wanted to know how many place settings to send up with your food."
"Oh, I see.... Well, ... I really AM eating the cheesecake for breakfast."

...And it was good, too.